Post Mix Sparkling soft Drinks from Gold Star

Gold Star Post Mix

Post Mix Dispenser Dispense Towers Celtik Koke Tower
Premium Post Mix sparkling soft drinks are a favourite with customers everywhere and are available in 10 flavours.

Celtic KokeGlass of ColaGlass of LemonadeGold Star Soft Drinks

Diet Koke Box Celtik Coke BoxLemonade Box

Product Product Code Dilution Half-pint servings per 10 litre box
Lemonade 0501 1+6 246

Celtic Koke Lite

0502 1+5 211
Lime & Lemonade 0503
Tonic Water 0508
Celtic Koke 0511
Appleade 0512
Orangeade 0513
Energy Ice 0514 1+4 176