Jeen'O Draught Blended Fruit Juice Drinks Dispense

Fruit Juices

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Jeen'O - The great tasting blended Fruit Juice Drinks

Jeen'O - Orange/Passion Fruit, Apple/Mango, Apple/Raspberry, Orange Juice Drink and Cranberry Juice Drink

Jeen'O - With no added sugar, salt, Aspartame or sodium benzoate it is The Healthy Option

Jeen'O Dispenser Jeen'O drip mats10 Litre Jeen'O Box
Jeen'O Dispenser                                         Drip Mats                                   10 Litre Box

Product Product Code Dilution Half-pint servings per 10 litre box
Orange & Passion Fruit 0601 1+4 176

Apple & Mango

Apple & Raspberry 0604
99% Preserved Orange Juice Drink   0201
Cranberry Juice Drink  0211