Draught Drinks Dispense Installation by Gold Star


Over the last fifteen years Gold Star has built up a reputation for installing a quality product dispensed at the right speed and the right temperature. We operate our own installation and technical service team covering from Cardiff to Weymouth and down to Land's End.
Installation Dispense Gun
01752 691500
One number for sales, service and support
Every installation is built to the customer's individual needs. You can have Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, cordials and wines all on one system saving you time and money. Anything from a four box juice system up to a multi function venue with more than twelve products and a 40 box rack.

Soft Drink Dispensers
In the North of England we are very pleased to work with:
      A & A Installation Services
      Auto-Vac Bars Ltd
      Homebar Ltd
Our contractors service and maintain our dispense systems and operate our after-hours technical service support.
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