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All our products are manufactured by the Jolly family. Jolly's first started making Soft Drinks in United road, Carharrack, a small mining village in Cornwall, in 1896.
Old Factory
Old Van
Above is a Thames Ford 4D lorry restored by Roger Jolly as a memorial to his late father Denzel John Jolly who died in April 1977 age 45.
Below are two original John Jolly Carharrack Codd's bottles.
Old Bottles
The larger bottle was a 10oz and the small bottle was a 6oz Both of the bottles have been acquired by the family in recent years.
In 1998 Roger Jolly left the family business to continue manufacturing soft drinks as the original family business decided to go in another direction. The new Business Gold Star Soft Drinks Westcountry Ltd. manufactures its soft drinks in Ivybridge on the edge of Dartmoor.
Above is an aerial view taken in the 1960's. Attached to the right of the family house was the factory with the bottling plant. Immediately behind this factory was the finish product store. The Bedford CA van in the front yard was registration number MAF254F. New Gold Star van New Brands
The latest addition to our fleet
Today's Key Brands