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Energy Ice Draught Energy Drink with Dispense Gun

Energy Ice Information

The fuel your fire branding of Energy Ice is designed to appeal to the 18 to 24 year old drinkers.

  • Energy Ice is a quality fruity flavoured energy drink.
  • Energy Ice is formulated as an alternative to canned energy drinks.
  • Saving customer's space, improving profits with no drop in quality.
  • Packed 10 Litres bag in box.
  • Equivalent to 200 cans in every box.
  • Less than 32p for a measure equivalent to a 250ml can
  • pint house brand Vodka and Energy Ice cost less than 45p

  • The versatility of Energy Ice on draught, and the cost saving, has enabling outlets to promote the brand and increase their profits at the same time.

    The target market is Nightclubs, Sports Bars and Theme Bars in University towns.

    Energy Ice Kryptonite Draught Mixer Drink with Dispense Gun

    Kryptonite Information

    With the ever increasing price of bottled alcopops and branded adult mixed drinks, we are all looking for ways of reducing cost and increasing our profit margins. Following the successful re launch of Energy Ice, Gold Star has identified a market for other products to enhance our Adult Soft Drinks range.

    Energy Ice Kryptonite has been formulated to complete with and as an alternative to products like V K, VHF and Smirnoff Ice in bottles.

    Energy Ice Kryptonite has a distinctive Sour Apple flavour and being chilled to the same temperature as traditional post mix it enhances the product when mixed with spirits.

    As the product is on draught it gives you the opportunity to mix your own alcopops / alcoholic mixer drinks at less then half the prices of most alcoholic mixers drinks in bottles.

    Vodka Kryptonite and ice cost less than 45p per half pint

    Being a draught product it takes up less storage space.

    No bottles to dispose of.

    Vodka Kryptonite and ice cost less than 45p per half pint.

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